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Sister, you know this.

Your sense of aliveness is directly related to the amount of libidinal energy flowing through your body. When you are living from being turned on, rather than turned off, you are in a state of flow and freedom.

Your doubt, your shame, your hopelessness, your stress – all melt away – replaced by a sense of pleasure, freedom, erotic aliveness, and spiritual connection.

The Desire Intensive is an offer we created to keep you tightly tethered to this vital state of flow.

How does it work?

The Desire Intensive is a smaller, more intimate community within the broader community. 

Led by our Big Sisters, you will be divinely assigned to a pod of 8-10 goddesses who will move through the course in tandem. In this close-knit group, you will be given additional practices that fuel your erotic power and keep you in a continual state of pleasure. Specifically, we will dive deeper into the areas of sensuality and sexuality, learning ways to expand our orgasmic experience through guided self-touch. 

Joining a pod will help you transcend the blocks, shame, and pain that most of us have come to associate with our sensual aliveness. We have been taught to constrict our inner wild so as not to make others uncomfortable. This suppression shrinks us and diminishes our life force.

Your inner outrageousness will come alive in this small group. Together, we will plug into our divine connection and unleash our creative power

Each week for one hour, you will gather with your pod-mates and receive the wisdom of a dedicated group leader. This is your moment to ask the questions you wish you’d asked in class. To show up vulnerably and be fully seen. And to push your sensual edges with abandon. 

Together with your sisters, you will go deeper, further, and faster than you could on your own — exploring the potent connection between mind and body, desire and orgasm, turn-on and radiance. There will be homework check-ins, small-group Q&A, exclusive pleasure practices, and a greater sense of continuity to hold you aloft and carry you through.

Imagine what you could make possible by accessing your erotic freedom, sensual vitality, and aliveness on the daily...

For all of us who thrive with more intimacy and support, the Desire Intensive is the best way to get what you need without ever having to ask!

    It’s a microcosm that sets you up for success.
    An organic, orgasmic roadmap to the feminine.
    A lifeline when you need it most.
    And an inner circle that keeps you grounded and accountable from start to finish.

      Join The Desire Intensive

      7-weeks starting the week of October 12, 2021.

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          Sundays at 10 am ET
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